Top 5 reasons why kids and parents love Codingal

Our unique curriculum is built on BIDE, STEAM, and Bloom's taxonomy model for enhancing cognitive, logical and computational skills. Combined with practical projects, it makes learning not only informative but also fun for the children!
Our teachers are experts in computer science, backed with years of industry and teaching experience, passionate about teaching kids.
Personalised course journey
Personalised course journey
Every child is unique and and so is their journey of learning to code. At Codingal, we ensure that every child is clear with each concept before moving on to the next, even if it means providing an extra class.
Our values
Our values
Introducing children to coding and making them fall in love with coding is our motto. We are not here to take them to Mars or Moon, but help them build the skill of the 21st century and hopefully empower them in their journey of life.
Founding Team Expertise
Founding Team Expertise
Our founders are IIT graduates who have built the largest platforms for computer science students and taught coding to 500+ kids themselves.
We understand what it takes to provide the right education to your child.

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We have helped 500,000 kids learn the art and science of coding.

Parent Rating - 4.8/5
With 99%+ course completion and 4.8 rating; we have the highest parent score in the industry
Student Rating - 4.6/5
With zero dollar returned on money back guarantee scheme and 4.6 teacher score, we have the strongest curriculum and teacher's profile in the industry

There is no award bigger than customer satisfaction. Thank you!

Background Vector ShapeSofia

Thanks to Ruchi ma'am and her detailed explaination of the concepts of coding, I could create my own space animation!

- Sofia

Background Vector ShapeSaurabh

I am delighted with how much my daughter has learnt and enjoyed her classes. She is excited to attend her classes and know what she will be learning next. We look forward to what she will create in the future!

- Saurabh

Background Vector ShapeDr. Kalmadi Shamrao High School

Our association with Codingal on the various cyber genius competitions has been really good. We look forward to working with them in the future.

- Dr. Kalmadi Shamrao High School

Made in India by the alumni of IITs, NITs, Uber, Flipkart, HackerEarth, Reliance and Udacity.

After building the biggest platform for over 5M+ Computer Science students and personally teaching coding to 500+ school kids, we are now on a mission to inspire every child to fall in love with coding and create anything they can imagine.
NIT Surat