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Learn to create and publish games on Roblox Studio. Codingal offers online 1:1 coding classes for Roblox coding with expert Computer Science teachers.

6 Modules, 36 Lessons, 30+ Activities & Projects, 36 Quizzes

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What is Roblox?

Roblox is a widely popular online gaming platform for kids to create and play games. Roblox is not a game; it’s a platform on which people play games created by other developers. What makes Roblox different is all the games on Roblox are made by its users. Now it depends on the creativity and imagination of the user on what kind of game they want to build.

Games on Roblox are called ‘experiences’. Kids can play ‘experiences’ developed by users across the globe.

What you'll learn from Roblox coding

6 Modules, 36 Lessons, 30+ Activities & Projects, 36 Quizzes

Module 1

Introduction to Roblox studio

Get introduced to Roblox coding while building fun games on Roblox studio. Learn Lua, the text-based scripting language used in Roblox.

Lesson 1: Discovering Roblox

In this lesson, we will introduce students to Roblox and get them familiarized with the platform.

Lesson 2: Basic Roblox coding

Get introduced to basic Roblox coding by adding more elements to the game and increasing difficulty.

Lesson 3: Adding advance obstacles through coding

Deep-dive into Roblox programming by increasing difficulty through speed blocks, lava blocks and much more.

Lesson 4: Creating a User Interface in Roblox

Learn how to create a user interface through scripting in Roblox.

Lesson 5: Creating Models Using Roblox Properties

Using properties of Roblox programming, build the model of a house including doors, windows and stairs by introducing the concept of Union & Negate.

Lesson 6: Creating a Mini Game in Roblox

Recall previously learned lessons and use all the concepts to make a mini-game.

Module 2

Creating an Obby

Using simple shapes, create a mini Obby game. Learn to build a multi-level game that has different obstacles.

Lesson 1: Setting up Game Information

Learn how to add a game name, description and a game icon on the Roblox website. Start building the scene for the game in this module.

Lesson 2: Building Levels

Set up the scene further by adding obstacles with different difficulty levels while learning Roblox coding.

Lesson 3: Creating Checkpoints

Set up the scene further by adding checkpoints at different difficulty levels.

Lesson 4: Creating a Shop with a Shopping Menu

Add a shop at the beginning of the Roblox game. Once the player visits the shop, a shopping menu will appear.

Lesson 5: New Obstacles Incoming!

Set up a game scene in Roblox with spinning balls, disappearing stairs and obstacles on which, when the player steps, the dimensions of the player change.

Lesson 6: Tick! Tock!

Set up a timer in the Roblox game. The player will have to finish the game within a specific time to win. If the player loses, the timer resets and the player starts from the spawn location.

Module 3

Creating a 2D platformer

Learn how to change the controls for the camera and player. This will help you make it act like a 2D platformer.

Lesson 1: Setting up camera and player control

Learn how to change the controls of the camera and player in Roblox studio.

Lesson 2: Designing the level layout

Learn how to collect coins and keep up score while learning Roblox programming. Also, learn how to avoid death traps so that the player doesn’t die in the game.

Lesson 3: Adding enemies and power

Learn how to add powerup to give player invisibility in Roblox and avoid being attacked by enemies.

Lesson 4: Boss fight

Learn how to create a customised AI boss that the player has to defeat in order to move to the next level.

Lesson 5: Creating levels

Learn to design new levels in Roblox that will look different from the previous level and will also have challenging obstacles.

Lesson 6: Finishing and testing the game

Finish scripting and testing the game you created.

Module 4

Tycoon game

Learn advanced Roblox programming concepts while creating your own Tycoon game.

Lesson 1: Setting up Tycoon system

Learn how to create a setup for the Tycoon for adding, creating and destroying components in Roblox.

Lesson 2: Unlocking objects and leaderstats

Learn how to unlock objects and spawn objects into platforms.

Lesson 3: Making money in Tycoon

Learn to set a way for the player to earn cash by creating a machine that creates objects that are shipped on a conveyor belt.

Lesson 4: Saving data and upgrading

Learn how to save the data in Roblox for not only the money made so far, but also have the ability to upgrade items for the game as well.

Lesson 5: Ownership and game passes

Learn how players can create ownership of the items they purchased.

Lesson 6: Finishing and testing the game

Finish scripting and testing the game you created with Roblox coding.

Module 5

Racing game

Learn to create an addictive racing game. Players can create their track and checkpoints to track how many laps the player has collected.

Lesson 1: Creating a car

Learn to build cars for the racing game, script how fast the cars go and give plates the ability to enter vehicles.

Lesson 2: Creating a racetrack

Learn to create a racing track for the Roblox game.

Lesson 3: Scripting the game

Learn to spawn car objects onto the track for players to drive.

Lesson 4: Game loop!

Learn creating a way to set, reset, destroy objects and also resetting game play elements for the game on Roblox studio.

Lesson 5: Building a lobby area

In this lesson, we will learn to build lobby area for players entering the game.

Lesson 6: Finishing and testing the game

IFinish scripting and testing the game you created.

Module 6

Battle Royale

Create a Battle Royale Game with mini maps of different designs. Learn to build a lobby area for players entering the game.

Lesson 1: Setting up lobby for Battle Royale

Build a lobby area for players as they wait for the game to start.

Lesson 2: Creating Maps!

Learn to create mini maps with different design layouts.

Lesson 3: Creating a Map voting application

Learn to create a map voting application.

Lesson 4: Creating in-game mechanic

Create in game mechanics for Battle Royale which will include health, stamina, kill count etc.

Lesson 5: Setting up elements

While learning Roblox coding, create game loops which will have elements like ability to watch other players, respawning to lobby, checking winners etc.

Lesson 6: Finishing and testing the game

Finish scripting and testing the game you created with Roblox coding.

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90+ Fun activities for kids to learn Roblox

Blocker game

Blocker game

Build a blocker game in which you can change the speed and height of the player.

End game

End game

Learn to perform various tasks by making numerous obstacles including disappearing obstacles, lava kill blocks and obstacles of different shapes.

Scrambled legs

Scrambled legs

In this game, you have to get through multiple levels to reach the final goal, but it won‘t be that easy! You will have high jumps to take, tough choices to make and race against time.

Magical stairway

Magical stairway

In this game, you have to get through the stairway, but beware, they keep on disappearing.

Our students created some amazing Roblox projects

Race with speed

Roblox Project

Grade 5

Race with speed


Pizza land

Roblox Project

Grade 4

Pizza land

Onyx Bank

Hide and seek

Roblox Project

Grade 5

Hide and seek

Owen Sameul

Obby game

Roblox Project

Grade 8

Obby game

Tala Daniel

Rainbow stairs

Roblox Project

Grade 7

Rainbow stairs

Flora Navy

Amusement park

Roblox Project

Grade 7

Amusement park


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Codingal’s Roblox course is loved by students and trusted by parents

MikeGrade 5, Codingal Student

The Roblox course at Codingal has helped me create my games. It is very straightforward, and I can build my own characters, terrains, and more.

NehaGrade 7, Codingal Student

I like to code because I can program my things and create the games I want! Whatever comes into my imagination, I can code it.

Elliot Aidan
Elliot AidanCodingal Parent

I have tried other coding programs for my kid, but I do not find them as informative and fun as Codingal’s course. My son enjoys every coding lesson. I am grateful to the teachers at Codingal; they are generous, responsive, and supportive.

Kamla Sharma
Kamla SharmaCodingal Parent

My daughter loves playing games. Codingal’s Roblox course is a perfect course that excites her to learn to code while building her own game in a fun way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Roblox free?

Roblox is a free to use platform on which users can create and play 3D games.

What is Roblox used for?

Roblox is an online platform on which kids can create and play games.

What is Roblox studio used for?

Roblox studio is used to design and code the games. You can download Roblox studio on your system and start creating games with Roblox coding.

Why should kids learn to code?

Coding for kids helps improve their logical thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, creativity, mathematics and writing skills and also gives them valuable skills in life and at the workplace.
Coding provides a competitive advantage when applying for colleges, internships, and jobs. In addition, basic programming knowledge can change how kids interact daily with the technologies they use. It’s a basic literacy–one we can’t afford to overlook.

Which programming language does Roblox studio use?

Roblox studio uses Lua scripting language. It’s relatively easy to learn, making it ideal for young codes to learn game development.

Is Roblox safe for kids?

If you take advantage of all the parental control features and stay involved in what your child’s playing and who they’re playing with, Roblox can be reasonably safe for kids.

Is Roblox studio and Roblox same?

Roblox studio is used to design and code the games. Games in Roblox are called ‘experiences’. Whereas Roblox is used to visiting the ‘experiences’.

My child is a beginner, is previous coding experience required?

Our coding courses for kids have been developed so that a complete beginner can follow along without any trouble. With technology increasingly prevalent across so many industries, even basic coding knowledge can help kids regardless of the career they ultimately decide to pursue.

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