Teach kids to code

Earn $1,000 every month from home and empower the creators of the future

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One-on-one classes icon

One-on-one classes

Teach only one child at a time for an engaging teaching experience.

Flexible schedule icon

Flexible schedule

Pick your work hours and teach only when you want to teach.

Teach from anywhere icon

Teach from anywhere

Say goodbye to daily commutes and teach classes from anywhere.

Great earnings icon

Great earnings

Get the best compensation in the industry with lots of extra incentives.

Make your passion pay image

Make your passion pay

If you are passionate about coding, teaching kids to code is a great way to increase your while doing what you love.

Make an impact image

Make an impact

Coding is the skill of the future. By teaching kids to code, you will empower them to be successful and create a better future.

Build lifelong relationships image

Build lifelong relationships

As a teacher, you will touch the lives of hundreds of children across the world and build lifelong relationships with students and their families.

Unmatched earnings and growth

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Get paid per class icon

Get paid per class

As a teacher, you will get paid for every one-hour class you successfully complete. The more classes you teach, the more you earn.

Earn $1K a month icon

Earn $1K a month

We offer some of the most attractive compensation to our teachers who can make anywhere around $1,000 every month.

Attractive incentives icon

Attractive incentives

We offer lots of opportunities to increase your income through various incentives, referral program, and mentorships.

Career growth plan icon

Career growth plan

Gain experience and grow as a teacher along a clearly defined career progression path with great rewards for performance and leadership.

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All the support you need

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State-of-the-art teaching platform icon

State-of-the-art teaching platform

Our platform enables an immersive teaching and learning experience with in-built video. The platform makes teaching easy with all teaching aids, lesson plans, schedules at your fingertips.

Thriving community of K-12 students icon

Thriving community of K-12 students

Our vast community of K-12 students is always keen to learn and eager to develop their coding skills. So you'll always find a student when you want to teach.

Unique curriculum and lesson plans icon

Unique curriculum and lesson plans

Our curriculum makes teaching code fun for students and teachers alike. We will also give you in-depth lesson plans to guide the child's code-learning journey.

Training and certification icon

Training and certification

All our teachers undergo extensive training on procedures and curriculum to make sure we meet the highest standards and help you grow as a teacher.

A diverse and dynamic community of teachers

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Computer science graduates
Female teachers
years coding experience on average
Coding languages known per teacher

Miss Swati

Swati has 3+ years of teaching experience and she's done her B.tech and M.tech in Computer Science.

Miss Radhika

Radhika has 5+ years of teaching experience and she's done her B.tech in Computer Science.

Miss Sradha

Sradha has 2+ years of teaching experience and she's done her Bachelors and Masters in Computer Application.

Eligibility criteria for teachers

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Bachelor's degree icon

Bachelor's degree

A bachelor's degree in a technical field is a minimum requirement. A degree in computer science, IT, or related fields is preferred.

Recent graduates icon

Recent graduates

Freshers with a technical degree are always welcome. We offer training and certification to launch your career as a coding teacher.

Teaching experience icon

Teaching experience

Teaching experience and especially experience teaching coding will increase your chances of successfully becoming a teacher.

Coding experience icon

Coding experience

Hands-on coding experience in a professional setting will also be an added advantage as long as you meet the other basic requirements.

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5 steps to becoming a teacher

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Step 1

Submit your application

Sign up as a teacher, verify your phone number, and provide some basic information about yourself.


Step 2

Share a demo video

Upload a short 2 to 5 minute video of yourself explaining a concept, subject or topic of your choice. This is your chance to show off your skills. So make the most of it.


Step 3

Take technical assessment

We will give you a small test to complete. This will help us assess your technical knowledge and skill level.


Step 4

Do an interview

If your skill and qualifications meet our expectations, you'll hear from us to set up a round of interviews.


Step 5

Get hired!

If all goes well, you will be informed about our decision to hire you as a teacher, and you'll be teaching kids to code in no time!

Setting up your virtual classroom

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Laptop or desktop icon

Laptop or desktop

You'll need a desktop or a laptop to be a able to conduct classes. Our platform do not support mobile phones or tablets.

Fast internet icon

Fast internet

You'll need a fast and stable internet connection to ensure a smooth teaching and learning experience.

Webcam icon


You'll need a high-definition webcam to make sure the students can clearly see and understand you.

Microphone icon


The students need to hear what you are saying in order to understand you. So make sure you use a crisp sounding microphone.

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All your questions answered

Our application process have five simple steps: Submit your application, share a demo video, take a technical assessment, do an interview, and sign the contract. For more information on application process, click here.

Our teachers make around $1,000 a month on average. For more information on teacher earnings and incentives, click here.

We set no limit on how many classes a teacher can teach. You can teach as many class as you like.

Your earnings will be calculated based on the number of classes you teach. The more classes you teach the more you earn.

Unfortunately, we only accept teachers with a bachelor's degree. For more information on our teacher eligibility requirements, click here.

We offer extensive training to our teachers to develop their teaching and communication skills. Our teachers are trained extensively on standard operating procedures, curriculum, communication and more. We also have an LMS that allows you to learn asynchronously. For more information on teacher training, click here.

Our teachers get exclusive access to our in-depth coding curriculum, detailed lesson plans, tutorials, class activities, standard operating procedures (SOP), and much more. For more information on our resources, click here.