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Take a look into the intriguing world of Robotics!

What will you learn in the Robotics course?


Session 1

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Make an LED Glow

Learn how a robot is powered by exploring the nitty gritty about electricity and circuits. Cool right? Learn yourself how to make an LED glow!

Drawer Lights

Session 2

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Make a light for your drawer!

Learn to make an automated drawer light using sensors which turn on & off during the opening and closing of the drawer.

Arduino Alarm System

Session 3

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Thieves will run away with your self-made alarm system!

Learn how to make your own alarm system to check on guests or against any intruders by learning to combine arduino and block based coding!.

Automatic Water Dispenser

Session 4

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Make an automatic water dispenser for all your plant buddies!

Make an automatic water dispenser using an IR sensor and pump motor and learn the concepts of conditionals, loops and functions.

Logic Gates

Session 5

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Learn how to apply Logic Gates and commands when making a robot!

On your way to becoming a master in robotics, you will now learn how to use logic gates in Robotics to program the electric circuits to work on OR, And, NOT commands.

Night Lamp

Session 6

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Buy a Night Lamp? NO! Make your own!

Build your own Night Lamp using light dependent resistors as a next step!

Light seeking robot

Session 7

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You can almost build a Light Seeking robot!

In this penultimate lesson, learn how to make your own Smart Fan and a Light seeking robot based on robotics concepts of motors and assembling robots through interfacing of components.

Dancing Robot

Session 8

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Hurray! Now, you've made your OWN Dancing Robot!

Finally, learn how to program your own Autonomous Robot and make your own light sensing dancing robot that moves towards light!

See what our kids have built before!

Smart Waste Disposal

Our student combined his knowledge of Robotics and Coding to build a Smart Waste Disposal!

Underwater Garbage Management

Problems like Underwater Garbage Management can just be handled so well with Robotics and Coding as demonstrated by our student!

Rain water harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting automated with Robotics and Coding!

Light Seeking Robot

Our student's creation - their very own light-seeking robot!

Not sure if Robotics is for you?

Two people solving puzzle

Problem-solving skills and creativity is enhanced through robotics

Children understand how things work when they start putting together machines through robotics. In learning how to overcome problems, they learn problem-solving skills. When confronted with a new problem, they also have to think of innovative ways to overcome them which boosts creativity.

Two people solving puzzle

Robotics simplifies complex science and math concepts

Robotics kits connect complex concepts of science and math to the real world. Use of electricity in powering the robot, concepts of tension and force are all explained through real-world application in robotics.

Two people solving puzzle

Robotics helps kids have fun while learning

While learning how to program a robot, kids learn how to have fun with the different concepts. They look at it as an interesting activity rather than an educational activity.

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