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IIT Roorkee App Innovation Challenge for School Kids

Hosted by IIT Roorkee


12:30 PM CUT, Jan 06, 2021


06:30 AM CUT, Jan 08, 2021


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Competition has ended.

Results Announcement

The result of IIT Roorkee E-Summit'21 App Innovation Challenge has been announced


     Winner            Aritra Neogi  
1st Runner Up     Manas Hejmadi  
2nd Runner Up    Lakshay Kumar 


Congratualations to the Winners and Best of Luck to all participants for future competitions.

Important Updates

Registered Students can start building their apps and submit on Jan 6, 2021 6 PM till Jan 8, 2021 12 PM.


IIT Roorkee in partnership with Codingal is launching the E-Summit'21 App Innovation Challenge for School Kids of Std 8 to Std 12.



In this App Innovation Challenge, children have to develop an app on any of the fields: Environment, Education, Healthcare, Agriculture and Sanitation. 


A few examples of apps in various fields -

  • Environment: Building an app directory of industry-wise and city-wise distribution of units with their carbon footprint numbers
  • Education: A quizzing app or an app where one can take aptitude tests
  • Healthcare: Compiling data on generic medicines and stores selling them in close proximity
  • Agriculture: Create an app-based market place for wholesalers and farmers to connect and reach a pricing consensus
  • Sanitation: A platform for local administration to track the personnel collecting garbage waste and the amounts distributed across various disposal sites  


*There will be a FREE Mentoring Session conducted by the founders of Codingal - Vivek Prakash and Satyam Baranwal to guide you and get feedback on your ideas and design.


Details of the Mentoring Session


Date: 3rd January 2021

Time: 11AM to 12 noon

Medium: Online via Zoom


Register here for attending the mentoring session


Take part in this App Innovation Challenge and get a chance to win a certificate from IIT Roorkee along with Codingal Merchandise worth Rs. 10,000!


What will your registration give you access to?


  • A FREE E-pass worth Rs. 125 to “E-Summit Speaker Sessions” given by India's renowned Startup Founders during the event between Jan 6 to Jan 10, 2021*

  • FREE Mentoring session by the founders of Codingal - Vivek Prakash and Satyam Baranwal to be conducted on 3rd January 2021 at 11 AM IST via Zoom.

  • 1-hour masterclass by Codingal professional coaches on App Development


The problem statements for the challenge on which each student will create and build the best possible solution through an app will be shared on the day of the masterclass.  


The purpose of the E-Summit'21 App Innovation Challenge for School Kids is to

  • Bring about a change in kids from being a consumer to a creator of technology. 
  • Help children develop an acumen with which they can create products for the larger good.
  • Improve problem-solving and logical thinking skills in children. 
  • Make educators, parents and stakeholders aware of coding and its benefits.


*No epass for those who have filled the google form after Sunday Jan 3, 2021.


  • Winners will get a certificate from IIT Roorkee. 
  • Win Codingal merchandise worth 10,000/-
  • Free E-Pass worth Rs. 125 to the 'IIT Roorkee E-summit speaker sessions". 






Click on "Register now" button 


Enter your 10-digit mobile number.


  • Enter the information below-
    • Kid's Name
    • Kid's Grade
    • Email
    • Phone Number*
    • Parent's Name
    • School Name
    • City
    • Click on "Register for Competition"


Enter the OTP Number


*Your mobile number will become primary identification during the submission time. Please enter the same registered mobile number during submission as well. 




Click on the "Register Now"  button.


Enter your registered mobile number


Enter the 6-digit OTP number


For registered kids "Register now" button will change to "Submit Project" button on the competition date and time.         


Click "Submit Project" button


Upload below details regarding Project Submission:

  1. Select Topic
  2. Enter App Name
  3. Select App Platform
  4. Upload app file (apk/tar/other) (not more than 50 MB)
  5. Project Description
  6. Upload zip file of all screenshots (not more than 50 MB)
  7. Upload zip file of Source Code (not more than 50 MB)


Click "Submit"


*Please remember to enter the same mobile number through which you have registered, otherwise, you have to register again if you enter any new mobile number.


The decision of the judges shall be final and binding. E-Cell IIT Roorkee retains the right to evaluate all submissions and decide the eligibility criteria.

Judges & Evaluation Criteria

The judges who are evaluating IIT Roorkee App Innovation Challenge are


1. Pratik Jujral - He is an Electronics & Communications Engineer, currently working as Deputy Manager (Data Analytics) Research & Development in Maruti Suzuki India Limited.


2. Aashish Solanky - He is an Electronics & Communication Engineer currently working as Curriculum Developer in Codingal



The evaluation criteria for App Innovation Challenge are:


  • Code 
  • Cleanliness 
  • UI 
  • Innovation
  • Uniqueness
  • Problem that you have solved through your App

App Development Masterclass


1. Where will the contest take place?

This contest is an online contest.


2. What will be project submission format?

The project submission format will be apk file and source code based on the app platform and the coding language.


3. How the winners will be selected and announced?

Winners will get decided by an expert panel of judges and will be announced 2 days after the end of submission of the project on Jan 7, 2021 6 PM. The criteria of judging the projects will be: Code, Cleanliness, UI/UX, Innovation, Uniqueness and Problem solved using the App.

The results will be announced during IIT Roorkee E-Summit'21 event by IIT Roorkee E-Cell Management. 


4. Can we take up the contests from mobile platforms?

No. We don't support mobile platform for taking up the contests. We only suggest our users participate in the challenges from laptop/desktop.


5. Do I need to pay for the contest?

No. The competition is free for all the students from Std 8 to Std 12.


If your question is not listed here please mail to:  iit-roorkee-app-challenge@codingal.com


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